Thursday 12 December 2013

snowflake box

Hi everyone, I was a little stumped this week with what to make but that soon solved itself when I came across a lovely little box template whilst trawling Pintrest. The template for this box is available on Extreme Cards blog.
I started out printing off the template and because the card  I wanted to use was too thick for my printer I drew around the template.
I then carefully cut the pattern out.

Next step is to score along all the lines and fold them.

Now glue the sides together and stick the bottom onto the box. I also cut another piece to put inside the box to give me extra support on the base.

You should now be able to close your box and the lovely snowflake will appear.

Now to decorate! I used the pretty snowflake stamps from the Winter Critters set of stamps. I stamped them in Flitter Glu and then applied Mega Flakes in Royal Peacock
I then cut this piece into six small pieces to attach on the sides of the box.
I finally added a little glitter to the snowflakes and to the large snowflake on the top of the box.

Hope you like this little box, I think a few on the Christmas dinner table with after dinner mints in would be a nice touch.

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Grandma Jean said...

Wonderful! How clever and creative you are. Thanks for the tutorial too. I would love to try this.