Thursday 10 October 2013

Pretty in pink

This week I thought I'd visit a love a had years back, acetate! I have made many things in the past using acetate as the base, I just love the look of it.
I had the urge to make something girly and pretty so that's exactly what I did.
I started out with a piece of acetate, 4x12 inches folded in half (4x6), which I then put the right hand side through my cuttlebug to emboss, bare in mind this will then be the front of your card
once embossed this is what you will have.

Now to start working on the elements for your card. I used some Dylusion sprays to colour my card,
put some of your chosen colour into a pallet and use as paint
remember to use varying amounts of white to vary your shades.

with any paint left cover a sheet of card or paper, you'll need it later if you want to die cut elements to add to your card.

Now for stamping, pick your main image stamp and also a few smaller stamps with which to make a background. I used the postage mark stamp from the Crafty Impressions Explore stamp set , as well as a couple of others from my stash.

cut you background piece about an inch smaller all round than your card base and after edging the sides with some brown ink apply it to the inside of your card. Don't worry about being able to see the glue as you'll cover this up later.
Now for the front of the card, place your main focal image where you would like it to be and using decorative elements play around until you like what you see. Clare carries some lovely
elements you could use. Some great items to use are sequin waste, ribbons, lace, paper flowers and die cuts ( this is where your painted sheet of paper comes in handy) ( metal dies )
My altered die cuts ready to add to my card.
Once I was happy with the layout of the elements I glued them all in place.

Once the front of your card looks pretty you need to pay a little attention to the back and inside as all the glue/double sided tape that you've is visible, so cut a piece of card the same size as the background you stuck inside the card and attach this to the vary back of your card, this also gives you somewhere to write your sentiment.
And do the same to hide the sticky stuff from the front.

see you next week

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