Friday 13 September 2013

Pretty Dresses

Good morning my lovelies

Well its Friday again and that means its Mel here again! And this time I have been doing some fancy folding and made you a wee Origami Tutorial!

I cut 3 inch squares from the Hey Girl Basic Grey 6x6 pad, they are a bit too thick for origami so maybe try thin papers to practise on! I followed the pattern here on Youtube 

Start with a square of the paper, try 6x6 if your a beginner! I cut the sheet into 4 equal squares of 3 inches so you can get 4 wee dresses too!

 Fold the paper in half with the with the white in the inside. Open the paper out then fold each side into the centre crease you just made. Crease really well, use a bone fold tool if its easier!

  Your paper is now divided into fourths.

Next fold each side fold into the centre fold. It should look something like a trough. 

Leaving the paper folded the way it was in the last step, flip it over and fold not quite in half. You want about the width of a fingertip difference at the top. OK so my fingers are so much smaller than most people, so around 1.5cm is perfect

Now fold the shorter side back down, another 1.5cm or fingertip width from the the previous fold you just made. This is what your paper will look like from the back.

Turn it back over. The longer portion should be at the front, this is the skirt part. The shorter portion is at the back and will be the top of the dress.

 To make the pleats part in the skirt, pull the bottom corner until the fold is completely open at the bottom. I hold the waist part of the dress to hold the top corner of the pleat, then I press the new creases into the pleat carefully so as not to rip the paper from the top of the skirt down. See how the waist raises up slightly

 Now create the folds for the neckline/collar of the dress by folding the inner corners down. Try to make sure the triangles are equal on each side

Unfold the two neckline/collar folds from the last step and turn the dress over. Pull back on the top layer of paper (see picture below). The folds you just made will allow you to open this portion into 3 neat triangles.

Press the fold so that the back of the neckline looks like this.

Now, start folding the sides of the dress top right up to the corner of the neckline you just created. You can see from the picture another view, so you're folding all the way in. There’s already a previous fold there for you. While your doing this crease, you’ll see that skirt trying to curl in, take care it doesn't rip then fold the skirt edge at an angle so that it lays flat.

I do this by pressing down on the middle of the skirt with one hand and use my other hand to smooth everything down from the top bottom. Repeat with the other side.

 Finally, take those two flaps that you folded in at the top of the dress and fold them back at a deep angle.

Now turn it over and TA RA!! You have a little "swing" style dress!

I hope you enjoy my wee tutorial, for more details do check out the lovely YouTube video and maybe you'll be able to follow it better than my wee instructions heee!

Remember to use a thinner paper if you haven't made one before to practise getting the folds right! Then just think of all the pretty papers you can use!

 Well thats me for today! See you all next time


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