Meet our Design Team!

I am honoured to have these talented designers as part of my Design Team. Each have a Specialist area determined by their style, but their versatility shines though to show you how differently you can use your craft goodies!

DT Leader
Our Smash* and Scrapbooking Specialist
Hello! My name is Melanie, a married mum of three - so I never run out of things to scrapbook!  We live in a quaint bungalow, so I can only dream of a personal craft room, but I create from the heart on our dining table and often my daughter joins in too.  I'm a film fanatic that even had a 'Lord of the Rings' styled wedding.  True story.  I'm currently delving in to the world of photography and embarking on a journey of weight loss journey.  I love life and friendships.  Oh, and Patterned paper.  You can never own enough paper!

Started Crafting...when I was 8 years old
Fave Techniques...hidden journallling (I, like many, dislike my handwriting)
Best thing about being on a Design Team...friendships I have made.
Worst thing about being a DT member...Deadlines and pressure!
Other Hobbies...being a dinosaur for my little one, photography, cooking and filmography
Favourite Clare Curd Crafts Goody..The Smash* Collection!

A Random Fact About Me... I have a 4 inch scar across my chin from surviving melanoma cancer when I was a child. I like to tell people it was a shark!

Mini Book and Project Specialist - Youtube Demonstrator
My name is Melissa, I'm 38 (eek) and I live in Liverpool but I'm originally from the Midlands.  I have four children and i'm a stay at home Mum, trying to craft whenever I can - although it can be quite difficult fitting it in!  I started crafting when I was very little - my Nan used to bring kits over for us to make together.   We would embroider quite a lot and  I remember there was a lot of decoupaging (the 3d kind) that went on too!

Started Crafting...when I was very little, too young to remember!
Fave Techniques...Creating mini albums, from the binding itself to the page construction! I also love hidden tags and pockets.
Best thing about being on a Design Team...I love sharing ideas and crafting stories with my fellow DT members.
Worst thing about being a DT member...Trying to make something when my mojo has gone AWOL.
Other Hobbies...I am a bit of a tv addict, so I love combining the two - crafting on my coffee table and watching at the same time.
Favourite Clare Curd Crafts Goody... Anything by Teresa Collins!

My Favourite Song Is...My Favourite song without a doubt is 'A-ha - Take On Me'.
 Hi, my name is Kim Dellow and I’m an artist, crafter and blogger living and arting in London, UK. I live with my wonderful partner David in a flat that is fast becoming overrun by art and craft products. Yikes! I have a paper and fabric fetish but shh! - it is a secret so don’t tell anyone! You can find me on my blog, on Facebook, on Twitter!/KimDellow and on Pinterest of course!

Started Crafting... As a kid I used to love making things: models of things I had seen in books, gifts for my friends from polymer clay and I used to sew my own clothes.
How did your obsession progress from there?  I went through a tough time at work about 6 years ago, and after stumbling across the magazine Papercraft Essentials in WHSmiths I started card making to relax and take my mind off work. It worked a treat and now mess-making is my full-time occupation and I even write articles for Papercraft Essentials now!
Fave Techniques...I like to stamp, I like to get messy with colour – paints, inks, pens, anything really and I like to stitch and manipulate fabric and paper.
Best thing about being on a Design Team...Every time I create something you are getting a bit of me and every time I create something I am learning something new, even if it is how to create to a deadline!  

Worst thing about being a DT member...It isn’t always easy to create on demand and sometimes with things that may not always ring your creative bells.
Other Hobbies... Other than crafting? Erm…? Well I do like exploring the off the beaten track and local areas of London with David mostly by walking around and taking in the sights; there is always something new to see.
Favourite Clare Curd Crafts Goody..Well I love all the smashing, project life, modular scrapbooking trends at the moment so the SMASH* by K and CO products ( and the Echo Park Photo freedom collection ( are top of my favourite lists.

You’re going to a fancy dress party, who would you go as...Something nerdy – say a big slobbering monster from Star Trek.
Well Hi, I'm Mel, Melly or Melanie (full name only when I'm in trouble) I'm 29 and live in a lil' place called Lanark in Scotland with my amazing hubby and daft dog Tillie! Hubby and I have been together 9 years and married 7 in September. We are very "daft" and silly minded and totally suited to each other! He's my best friend, hero and biggest fan! Our 6 year old dog Tillie is spoiled rotten and we wouldn't have our princess any other way, although maybe less energetic at times LOL!
Started Crafting... I began crafting back in my teens when my Aunt got me involved in card making. She got me some bits to keep my mind busy after becoming ill and coming out of hospital! 
Fave Techniques...My favourite is 3D crafts! I love creating something out of paper and seeing someone’s eyes jump "out of their head" when they see my wee paper creations! Oh, and adding buttons when I can to ANYTHING.
Best thing about being on a Design Team... I like the challenges, sometimes having a theme or material I haven't tried or used before and finding out I need it in my stash! Also I love the "family" you find through a Design Team, everyone is always there for each other and happy to help!
Worst thing about being a DT member... Again it can be an item or material! Sometimes you need to work with something you don't like but that’s all part of being on the Team!
Other Hobbies...I recently taught myself to crochet and have now found another addiction, wool/yarn is so colourful and like other crafts hard not to buy! Plus creating lil creatures from wool is great, seeing it growing and becoming a wee happy "friend"! I enjoy walking, cooking and baking and I'm a big reader! I read EVERY day and can't sleep without reading a few pages on my Kindle.
Favourite Clare Curd Crafts Goody.. I love paper! I'm a paper magpie and love seeing all the new American Craft stuff that’s newly being stocked! But adore any Smash stuff! Owning 6 books and others makes it easy to fuel my journaling/scrap needs!
Please list your 4 non-crafting addictions... Reading, Baking, Nail Varnish, Pretty Tea Dresses.

Hi, my name is Debbi, and I live in Manchester and craft at the bottom of my garden (well part of the garage is converted into a craft room). I’m young, free and single... free and single anyway. I totally admit that I am a craft-a-holic and try to get crafty whenever I can.

I am a volunteer at y local Wellbeing Centre, where I help out at a Women only painting group (‘help’ is the word. Don’t ask me about painting. I haven’t got a and in the near future I will be co-facilitating a papercrafts/cardcrafts group there too.
Started Crafting... I have crafted since I was small really. Me and my mum used to craft together all the time when I was young.Fave Techniques...Ooow, that’s a tricky one! Does paper construction count? I love working out designing the more 3D side of cardcraft
Best thing about being on a Design Team...
The challenge of coming up with different projects and getting to play with various products!Worst thing about being a DT member... Deadlines!  Other Hobbies...My other passion is Family History.  It can be very fascinating and very frustrating at the same time!
Favourite Clare Curd Crafts Goody.. It's just too hard to choose - I love it all!
Favourite Place To Be...Walking through tree-lined paths on a sunny day.
Hi, I’m Deb, I’m married to my best friend and we have three (almost) grown up children.  We live in a fairly quiet, leafy suburb, not far from Birmingham city centre.  I’m not lucky enough to have a craft room but I do have a nice little corner I set myself up in when the crafting bug takes hold. When I’m not crafting I’m usually found reading or listening to music.
Started Crafting... I've crafted in one form or another for most of my life, but papercrafting finally took over 12 years ago.Fave Techniques...I love getting messy with inks and paints.
Best thing about being on a Design Team...
The thing I will enjoy most is the sharing aspect.Worst thing about being a DT member... Trying to create when the mojo has other ideas! Other Hobbies...Reading - i'm never without my Kindle!
Favourite Clare Curd Crafts Goody.. Dylusions Ink Sprays.
I'm afraid of...Moths! Evil, Horrible things!

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