Wednesday 26 February 2014

Origami Lily Tutorial

Hiya Craft friends,

I've done a little tutorial for you today on how to make this cute little lily. The paper I have used is taken from the Prima -  Believe 6x6 paper pad available at Clare Curd Crafts.

Fig 1. Starting with a square piece of  paper, no smaller than 20cm, as this could be too fiddly for your first attempt. Place your chosen paper pattern side down, fold the paper in half both ways diagonally, horizontally and vertically to make a star as in the picture shown below.  Make sure all of your creases are sharp to make folding the Lily easier using your bone card folder.

Fig 2. Fold the paper (right side out) into a triangle using the crease lines as a guide, then push one of the sides into the centre of the triangle and repeat with the other side until you have the shape shown in the picture below. 

Fig 3.  Making sure that the open edges are pointing upwards, then take one of the sides and fold to the centre crease line and repeat with the other side too. Now flip the whole thing over and repeat.

Unfold the them all, which will leave a crease line

Fig 4.  Take one of the folded side edges and slip your finger into it as shown in the pic below. Then press the flap down. You should have formed what looks like a kite with a white tips. Repeat the other 3 flaps and you will get the result as shown below...

Notice how there are now 8 sides to the model; some of the sides look like the picture below (with white tip) and other sides show the patterned paper tips.

Fig 5.  Ensure the a white tip side is facing upwards and fold the whole shape in half and make a sharp crease then unfold.  This crease line will help later on.
Fold the side edge into the centre crease as shown, repeat with the other side, and open them out again
slip your finger into the pocket and using the side creaslines as a guide pull down, so that everything is aligned on the centre crease line, push the small resulting triangle upward and back down again to form a  crease line. Repeat this with the other 3 white tips sides.

Fig 8. With the plain side (with no folds or flaps) facing up, and the open  tip open edges are facing away from you fold one of the side edges into the centre crease-line and repeat with the other side,  repeat this step with the other 3 plain sides.
This should be the result.

Fig 9. Pull one of the petals downwards as shown in the pic below and then repeat with three petals.

Fig 10. Take a pencil and curl the edge of each petals to make them more lifelike as shown below.

Thanks for popping by, and I will see you again next week

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